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Time and transition strategies

To maintain effective classroom management practices, it is important to establish consistent routines and procedures. Time and transition strategies provide structure and consistency in the classroom. With this being said, why is it important to plan for transitions, and how can a lack of transition procedures interfere with your classroom management and student learning?

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If you have so system in place for making transitions between activities or topics, you will find it hard to bring one activity to a close and to get students newlyt focused on the target activity or topic. This will inevitably lead to time off task, and as we all know "off-task" time leads to too many opportunities for classroom disruptions or misbehavior.
My daughter's elementary teacher has a great system for getting whole class involvement that the students find fun and it is very successful for him in redirecting their attention and getting them redirected to a new topic or activity. It is also very useful for him if student enthusiasm or excitement has driven u the noise ...

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Time and transition strategies are discussed.