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    Student teacher observation report model paper

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    I have already observed a teacher I just need a model to follow for my paper. Thanks!

    Observe classroom management in an elementary school classroom. During your observation, look for the following:

    o Teacher's management style
    o How the teacher interacts with students
    o Classroom arrangement
    o Examples of mutual respect
    o Enforcing and reinforcing classroom expectations
    o Preventative procedures and activities

    Interview the teacher and ask the following questions:

    o What classroom management theory do you use?
    o What are the expectations of your administration and district in building your classroom management plan?
    o Does the discipline model of the school and district vary from yours? Explain.
    o What has been the most effective way to communicate with a disruptive child's parent or guardian?
    o Do you communicate with families of students who have positive behaviors? How often?
    o What training, workshop, article, or book would you recommend to a new teacher that would help them be successful in classroom management?

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    This text box does not show formatting and italics necessary for APA, and the attached document does. I have copied and pasted the contents of the solution document here for you:

    For this paper, you will have two parts: the first will be the report of your classroom observation and the second will be the report of your interview. Be sure to double check the assignment bullet points to be sure that you have addressed each one for both sections of your paper. I am assuming your paper is supposed to be APA formatted. APA title page will be formatted as per my example, BUT many colleges and teachers require something different for their title page. If your class has other requirements for the title page, please follow your class requirements, even if they are not strictly APA.

    APA requires that the title page begin on a new sheet, and that it be centered, and have a running head.

    Classroom Observation and Interview
    Your Name
    Your College Name

    Paper begins on another new page, with title first.
    Classroom Observation and Interview
    Part One, Classroom Observation
    As part of the preparation and training of new teachers, it is recommended and required in some courses of study that detailed classroom observations be made by the student. In addition, these observations are often accompanied by a thorough interview with the veteran teacher, so that the student may understand the rationale behind actions that are observed. This observation and interview help the student teacher to clarify in their mind how theory is applied in practical situations in the classroom. It also allows the student to ask questions in a follow-up interview to be sure that there is complete understanding of the teaching strategies that they observe from the veteran teacher.
    To this end, I observed veteran 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. X, on October 9th, 2010, as she taught her students during a two-hour portion of regular class activities. My observation began at 9:00 a.m., and ended at 11:00 a.m., when the children left the classroom to go to lunch. During this time, I observed the class during a teacher-centered story time, and a following student-centered reflection on the story using art materials, where the teacher served as a student facilitator. Following the creation of student artworks based on the story, students wrote an alternate ending for the story they had heard, and then had a ...

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    Student tteacher classroom observation report and teacher interview, with reflection on experience model paper, with suggestions, tips and hints.