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    Historical Perspectives on Teacher Supervision

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    Develop a paper that describes, from a historical perspective, how the supervision of curriculum and instruction in public schools has evolved. Include an example from your own experiences as a teacher being supervised and note any changes that you have observed.

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    Historical Perspectives on Supervision Paper

    The history of supervision in public schools begins in the colonial era wherein supervision of instructional methodology was conducted through the process of external inspections with local citizens appointed by the colony to inspect what teachers were instructing students to learn and how students were learning. This format for inspection has remained a cornerstone in the practice of supervision throughout its evolution. Supervision didn't become formal within public school systems until the late 1830s wherein educational administrators began exercising supervision because of the large population growth in major cities throughout the U.S. This necessitated city school systems that eventually needed to be inspected by superintendents to ensure that the correct curriculum was followed and students were capable of reciting their lessons.

    As the school systems got larger and more were built throughout the country, school principals became the primary supervisors ...

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    The historical perspectives on teachers supervisions are given.