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Measuring Quality

This is a short discussion, please offer some solution or hint with reference. No words limits, more or less both would be fine, thank you!

Here are examples of some of the conditions I encountered where measurement appeared to be a challenge to someone:
• The quality of a training program
• The quality of supervision
• The quality of a User Manual
• The quality of a TV picture

If anyone has any ideas about how any of these can be or have been measured, or examples of any other kinds of quality measurement challenges you have encountered, Please feel free to
Add some brief explanations.

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The items mentioned can be difficult to measure. One must have some quantifiable measurement, however, to determine effectiveness. The quality of a training program might be measured by the amount of questions that are asked following a certain time period after the training. This might show that training was effective. Or, the sales generated by those who had been trained versus those who had not undergone training. Errors made could also be measured. It is important to determine what goal of training is, then track changes in desired ...

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This detailed solution gives examples and a link for ways to measure quality of items like training, a service manual, television picture or supervision.