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L&D Function Behaviorism Versus Constructivism

A strong behaviorist approach to learning focuses on discrete tasks that are built up until they become a complex behavior. A strong constructivist (situated learning) approach focuses on creating environments for interaction that call out the experiences and guide integration of experiences into a complex social interaction that is repeatable. The two approaches are often seen as being opposed to each other. Analyze an L&D function that you have experienced to show how much behaviorism and how much constructivism that function displays.

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Behaviorism vs. Constructivism:

In the learning perspectives, there are diverse approaches that are used to show the development processes that are attained through learning. The behaviorism approach is a philosophy that is based on the assumption that all the activities that are undertaken by an organization are inclusive of thinking, acting and feeling. Contrary to this, the constructivism approach is psychologically based and terms that the human experience constitutes the comprehension of diverse worlds and experiences. The following approaches will be viewed differently in the function of training in the organization as learning and development function to boost the skills ...

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The solution discusses L&D function behaviorism vs. constructivism.