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Learning Theory

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What is Learning Theory and the schools of thought associated with it?

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Learning Theory

Learning theory is the theory where it studies learning as bringing all the cognitive influence, emotional influences and experiences that is involved in changing a person's skills, knowledge, world view and values> The first school of thinking is behaviorism that believes that people learn from stimuli and response patterns in the environment. The three main rules are that learning results in changed behavior, the environment causes changed behavior and learning must be associated with something in the environment over and over again(Gredler, 2009). Classical conditioning was discovered by Pavlov and Operant conditioning was discovered by BF. Skinner. Other Behaviorists are Thorndike, Tolman, Guthrie, and Hull. The second school of learning is cognitivism that focuses on the learner's thinking processes (Gredler, 2009). The two underlying assumptions is that a learner's memory ...

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Learning Theory is clearly defined and exemplified.

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