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Learning theory and instructional technology

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I identify how ABC University integrates learning theory (Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism) and instructional technology.

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Again, you may argue toward any learning theory. However, I have chosen to align Constructivism with the attachment in order to present a model for you.
ABC University integrates Constructivism and instructional technology. They use active and exploratory learning strategies. For example,
they encourage making meaningful, real life connections with their students as they focus on "varying educational needs of a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body."

Please notice the premises of Constructivism as students are in charge of their own learning with teachers as facilitators or guides. Please recognize how ABC "allows students the freedom to study online any time." Thus, it is a student-centered environment.

2. As you give examples to support the strategies and theory ...

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Learning theory and instructional technology

See the attached file (ABC University) and review program detail and educational experience with ABC University in general and with "Instructional Technology" course specifically. Answer the following question:

Identify how ABC University integrates 1) Behaviorism and Cognitivism learning theory, 2) instructional technology, and specifically 3) how active and exploratory learning strategies are applied. Give examples that support the strategies and theory interpretation analysis. Total deliverable can be 3-5 pages.

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