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Locate an article discusses ethical issues in retail management

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Locate an article that discusses ethical issues in retail management.
Write a Article Review. Address the following items in your review:

- Briefly summarize the article.
- Relate the concepts of the article to your organization.
- Make recommendations for your organization based on the article.
- Properly cite the article in your Article Review.

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Fletcher, M.T. (2010) The Role of Ethics as a management tool in retail business Ezine Articles. Retrieved from

This article discusses the need of retail establishments and management to be honest in their policies and with their employees and customers. The article sites examples of failures that can create mistrust between customers and store, employees and customers, management and employees. For example, if a store says it recycles, but follows a different type of policy, consumers will think that dishonesty is acceptable to the company.

Employees will model what ...

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The expert locates an article which discusses ethical issues in retail management. Recommendations for the organization based on the article is provided.