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wage theft

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A brief description of a workplace justice issue.

Explain the role of administrators in public and nonprofit organizations in terms of rectifying this justice issue.

One potential solution to the justice issue using the ethical decision-making model.

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Workplace Justice: Wage Theft

Workplace justice is procedural justice set within the context of an organization. The US and the Western world has had to grabble with workplace disputes since the Industrial age and as the legal system evolved to address the changing needs of society and the workforce and the organizations that employ them and drive the market, the procedural justice within the workplace to resolve disputes have evolved too. This, side by side with organizational conflict management and human resource management is purported to keep the status qou in the workplace, in pursuit of equality and justice. Why so important? The centrality of civil rights, workplace safety laws and equal opportunity legislation has made workplace justice a major factor in organizational issues and management. Conflict within organizations can delay production and dampen employee productivity and as such, it is to the interest of organizations to ensure that conflict is abated and for this, a perceived sense of justice must be ...

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The solution discusses the workplace justice issue of 'wage theft',explaining what it is about and why it is a huge problem. A potential solution following the ethical model is also included. References are listed.