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Employees and Shoplifting

Why do employees steal and/or shoplift from their employers?

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Employee Theft

Employee Theft from a retail store is a term that is used when an employee steals merchandise, food, cash, or supplies while on the job. However, in the eyes of the law, employee theft is just theft...the elements of the crime are identical. To commit theft, the employee must "intend" to permanently deprive their employer of the value of the item stolen.

Employee theft can occur just like shoplifting by concealing merchandise in a purse, pocket, or bag and removing it from the store. It can also occur by stealing cash, allowing others to steal merchandise, eating food, and by refund, credit card, or check fraud. Employee theft can sometimes be charged as embezzlement due to the trusted fiduciary status of the employee. All of these methods lead to loss of inventory (shrinkage) and/or profit for the merchant.

Employee theft is an insidious crime because the merchant is paying a wage and benefits to the thief on top of paying for the cost of their dishonestly. Studies have shown that employees can do a ...

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This solution discusses theft committed by employees toward their own organization.