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Proposed Bill: The Identity Theft Bill

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Proposed Bill: The Identity Theft Bill specifies stats that any person who impersonates another actual person through or on a website for specified harmful purposes will be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

Do you understand the issue and the effects of identity theft? Do you support the adoption of this legislation? Why or Why not?

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The identify theft bill is sorely needed legislation, and it was needed several years ago. We all agree with the benefits of advances in technology, including the internet. Because of the internet, we can work more efficiently, and the advantages have been numerous. However, the main disadvantage with the internet is that information can be so easily accessible to all people, including those with malicious intent. This is problematic and the number of identity theft cases has risen ...

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This solution discusses the Identity Theft Bill. I also discuss the issue and effects of identity theft, and if people should support the adoption of the Identity Theft Bill.