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Identity Theft

How would one protect themselves from identity theft?

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Hackers, thieves, people who work on customer service phone lines, all of these are likely to steal or attempt to steal your identity. You must protect yourself from theft, online hackers, in person and through all the advances in technology. Just as there are many ways to steal your identity, there are ways to protect it.

Every piece of paper with information that can lead someone to your identity must be protected. Anything with your name, address, phone number, account numbers, medical information, or identifying numbers is susceptible. Shredding all documents, receipts, statements, and bills is a must. Credit card offers are another way to steal your identity. People use these to get cards and credit in your name. If you are travelling, keep all these items, put them in a safe place, and shred them when you arrive home. This way, you keep control of the information and dispose of it as well. Getting a lot of mail that has indentifying information may mean it is safer to get a locking mailbox. Put any ...

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The expert determines how one would protect themselves from identity theft.