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Identity Theft & Blood Spatter

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I need last help analyzing and answering questions about these two videos:

a) the two ID Theft videos and the effects on you and society (2pts)
b) the photo figures of blood spatter and how they help with CSIs (2pts)

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Identity Theft
Identity theft is a terrible crime that affects millions of Americans every day. Unlike robberies, identity thefts occur without the victim knowing about it. While they are non-violent in nature, identity thefts make victims feel extremely vulnerable. Unfortunately, many victims of identity theft won't realize that they are victims until they receive a fraudulent bill in the mail, or until they have a credit or debit card declined somewhere. According to Investopedia.com (2013), identity theft is defined as, "the crime of obtaining the personal or financial information of another person for the sole purpose of assuming that person's name or identity in order to make transactions or purchases." Identities are stolen in a number of ways including: shoulder surfing, theft, pharming, thieves working a register, computer hacking, and scanners that pick up on wireless phone conversations. Shoulder surfing describes when a person peeks over the victim's shoulder and observes the card number as well as the PIN number entered. Theft describes when someone simply steals another person's property such as pick-pocketing, purse-snatching, burglary, robbery, etc. Pharming describes the process of digging through someone's trash, which can result in obtaining documents with personal identifiers on them. ...

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This in-depth solution describes identity theft and ways to avoid becoming a victim. It also describes some techniques that crime scene investigators use by studying blood spatter, in order to understand what happened immediately before and after an impact.

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