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    Surf the web and make a top ten list of companies providing electronic banking services

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    Surf the web & make a top ten list of companies providing electronic banking services. Note the siginficant differences or points of interest.

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    E-Banking is defined as the remote delivery of new and traditional banking products and services through electronic delivery channels.

    The top ten companies providing electronic banking services are:

    1. Chase Manhattan--allows you to pay bills online. THese bills will be cleared in 2 days usually and view check images. YOu will receive e-mails or calls you regarding specified account activity and transactions. View and print up to six months of statement history online. There is an overnight check option where it is guaranteed that your payment will be made by the next business day.

    2. Citicorp.--With an online banking account you get:
    ? Online Bill Payment
    ? Online Bank Statements
    ? E-mail & Wireless Banking Alerts
    ? Check Images
    ? Citipro® financial check-up
    ? Customer Service 24x7

    Citibank's Online Bill Payment Promise plus the ability to:
    ? See current, future, past, & cancelled payments.
    ? Pay several bills at once using Express Payments.
    ? Build a list of payees easily using our Merchant Directory.
    ? Set up recurring payments for ongoing bills (like your rent or mortgage).
    ? Schedule payments up to a year in advance.

    IF you have a money market account or a checking account that meets Citicorp's minimum requirements you can do your investing online. You can buy and sell stocks, bonds, annunities and other financial instruments. They also allow you to do research on potential investments.

    3. Wachovia--offers you a variety of features such as:
    Online Banking with BillPay
    Check account activity and balances
    View images of paid checks
    Transfer funds between eligible accounts
    Receive Balance Alerts
    Pay bills using the optional free Online BillPay feature

    Online Brokerage ...

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