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    Key attributes of e-storefront/5 benefits of B2B commerce

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    1. What are the key attributes of an electronic storefront? What early technology are they descended from?

    2. List at least 5 potential benefits of B2B e-commerce.

    3. Explain the difference between a horizontal market and a vertical market.

    List references if used.

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    Three key attributes of an electronic storefront are cost, ease of use, and highly customizable. By utilizing an electronic storefront many upfront costs are virtually eliminated including rent and set up expenses. Electronic storefronts can easily be set up utilizing your home computer through a free web site or an existing Internet marketplace. The electronic storefronts are also easy to use, allowing customers to enter and browse, and should they desire, purchase product and services through secure means. Electronic storefronts are highly customizable, allowing the personality and essence of the brand to shine through. Even storefronts that are made through standard web design or free web sites have enough design choices to allow the creator to design a unique, branded experience for the consumer.

    In addition, electronic storefronts offer secure online transactions and site tracking devices to track viewers' habits and number of visits. These are key features, which are ...

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    This solution discusses the key attributes of an electronic storefront and the early technology they are descended from. It also lists five potential benefits of B2B commerce, and explains the difference between a horizontal and vertical market. It includes examples and APA references.