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B2B Functionality of E-Commerce

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What new B2B e-commerce activities are firms adding to their infrastructure and why?

With B2B, why is it important to know your customer and your market?

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What new B2B e-commerce activities are firms adding to their infrastructure and why?

These are:
A.) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which is described by as the elec tronic transmission of information or
documents between computer systems in different organisations based on a standard, structured, and machine
retrievable format. EDI has become an important tool for companies to transferring data between them by using
internet or computer networking (W.K. Chong, et al:2011)

B.) B2B e-Marketplace as a technological approach to market performance. In addition, to provide value added to both operations is an effective platform to improve the sellers and buyers in B2B e-Marketplace, the notion of
relationship between buyers and sellers and to bring about ...

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This solution looks at how and why B2B e-commerce activities are utilized by firms. This also dissects the importance of knowing your customer and your market in a B2B venture.

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