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    Senecal Falls Convention vs. Modern ERA

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    In this unit the Seneca Falls Convention is discussed. The Convention led to the eventual ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. It was not the only proposed amendment to originate from the Seneca Falls Convention; the Equal Rights Amendment also followed the path of universal suffrage except it was never ratified.

    Considering the history of the ERA, found at: http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/era.htm, why do you believe this bill was never ratified and in your opinion why would some of the more noted suffragists actually fight against the ratification of this bill?

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    The ERA bill contained the total equalization of men and women in the work place and society. Many believe that the ERA bill would take away rights of women in the work place. They would not be given special consideration when preganant. They would be held to the same standards as men in lifiting heavy objects, ect. and could be fired if failed.
    It would also remove some privacy protections under the ...

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    A description of the diffences between the Seneca Falls convention and the modern ERA movement.