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Reform Movements (Compare and Contrast)

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Compare and contrast four reform movements of the era: temperance, public education, asylums, and feminism. Be sure to note key details in each concerning the origins, important leaders, objectives, and accomplishments

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Discusses four reform movements, i.e., public education, feminism, temperance, and asylums.

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Public Education
Reform in public education was spearheaded by Horace Mann, graduate of Brown University. Mann while serving as secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education campaigned effectively for many reforms that would dramatically improve public education. Amongst these reforms were better school houses, longer school terms, high pay for the teachers who worked in the schools. In addition his expansion of the curriculum was groundbreaking as it focused learning on more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. These reforms were transported to other states with improvements seen, but education was still largely expensive and those in higher socioeconomic groups received the best education (Study Notes, 2012).
Other reforms that enabled educational advances included reforms in textbooks, notably those of Noah Webster, a Yale-educated Connecticut. The person largely responsible for ...

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