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The solution to Doppler effect

Two submarines are underwater and approaching each other head-on. Sub A has a speed of 13 m/s and sub B has a speed of 7 m/s. Sub A sends out a 1150 Hz sonar wave that travels at a speed of 1522 m/s.

(a) What is the frequency of the sound detected by sub B?

(b) Part of the sonar wave is reflected from B and returns to A. What frequency does A detect for this reflected wave?

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Doppler’s effect
Doppler’s effect is about apparent change in the frequency of sound wave as observed by an observer when the source of the wave and the observer are moving.

Vs Vo
-----------> ---------->
Source of wave -----------> V Observer

Let us consider a source of sound moving right with velocity Vs and an observer also moving right with velocity Vo. The source emits a wave of velocity V and frequency f. Then, as ...

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