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    Physics - Ligth Emission

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    The problem below is similar to the problems in chapters 25 & 26 in the Cutnell and Johnson College Physics book so it should be solved in a similar fashion. This is physics-II without calculus:

    An astronomer is making an observation of a new discovered galactic object. Part of this observation is the analyisis of the light emitted by the object. It is observed that this light includes a clear pattern of the emission spectrum of atomic hydrogen. Part of that spectrum is the H-sub:alpha line, which on earth has a wavelength of 656.258nm (10^-9m). The light from this object has this spectral line at 659.0nm. Explain this discrepancy, quantitatively, using the Doppler effect.

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    The actual wave length of light emitted by the galactic object is 656.258 nm, but it the spectral line that is seen in the spectrum of the light emitted by the object is seen corresponding to a ...

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