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Transistors and Microchips part of Everyday Lives

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Analyze the ways in which your life would change if transistors and microchips were not a part of our everyday lives.

Identify 10 objects in your home that use semiconductors. What other kinds of materials with special electrical properties are found in all of these 10 objects (list at least one per item)?

Many question the ability of the Department of Energy to do the good science needed to ensure that Yucca Mountain is suitable and developed appropriately. Detail the "question" that many have.

List three medical technologies that rely on the physics of elementary particles? What are the benefits of these noninvasive procedures?

Describe the movement of the Earth based upon the perceived change in positions of the stars.

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Answers to a few questions related to electrical objects used in our daily life.

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Analyze the ways in which your life would change if you transistors and microchips were not a part of our everyday lives.

If transformers were not there, electricity transformation (step-up or step-down) would have become impossible. Hence, for each type of voltage requirement, we would have been required separate generators.

Generating an electric signal, corresponding to other synchronized signal would have not been possible -- means, impossible to have wireless telecommunication.

If micro-chips were not there, each and every appliance would have relied on heating effect, means a lot of space and energy consumption and a very slow process.

In other words, if you take out transformers (magnetic effect of electricity), an microchips, first of electric energy transfer would have ...

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