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Circuit design

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I have attached a cmos library for various transistors that pspice does not currently have. I only have access to the Q2N2222 BJT, CD4007 MOS transistor and the 2n7000 transistor and of course all the various resistors and capacitors. If you could please help me design a circuit with the attached specifications using only the parts I have mentioned, and I am actually trying to build this circuit so it would be nice if the resistance values used in calculations were close to normal physical resistor values but is not necessary, I understand that they will not be exact. And any pieces that pspice does not currently support will be in the cmos library I attached. Just in case you need instruction on how to import them.

1. Download cmos.slb and cmos.lib, and store in your hard disk
(preferably, within C:Program FilesOrCAD_DemoPspiceUserLib).
Remove the index file cmos.ind if you have an earlier version.
2. From Pspice Schematics menu:
Choose Options -> Editor Configuration
Click on Library Settings
Click on Browse, find cmos.slb, and click on Open
Click on Add*
Click on OK, OK.
3. From Pspice Schematics menu:
Choose Analysis -> Library and Include Files
Click on Browse, find cmos.lib, and click on Open
Click on Add Library*
Click on OK.

Circuit Specifications
Design a three-stage amplifier with Bipolar and CMOS transistors to satisfy the following constraints.
Note. the design should use standard value resistors (no potentiometers).
- Av >= 0
- Ra 2 200 Kohm
- Harmonica distortion below -30dB with vi-. I $rnV¢. (l0mV,,)
- Vq: I tnlnlrnur required. but absolute mas-SV
- Ri-4 I 80. Note, you may have to use multiple transistors in parallel in the output stage to drive
this load. Check the power ratings of the transistors.
- Use a minimum of MOSFETs in your design. Note. if desired you cart use more and also
BITS. but the intent is the MOSFE'l's are a key part of your design.
describe the design procedure stage-by-stage. beginning with the output stage.
Provide sufficient theoretical and quantitative justification on the 'liq-3 choice. Try to optimize Vu-
on a per-stage basis to achieve the lowest power.
Needed PSPICE simulation results:
i DC operating points [voltages & currents} for each stage
- AC Plots fi'om 1[lDHz to lt]IIIIkI-I2: Av, Rm
- Transient plot of output signal with input of a sine wave of 5n1V amplitude
¢ Frequency domain plot of above transient which shows the harmonic distortion. Note, to verify
the -3IIldB harmonic distortion spec, Idle harmonic distortion for a given harmonic is the ratio of
the harmonic power over the fiind a rnental power.
- Include the text output of the Fourier Analysis which states the Total Harmonic Distortion
- Total power dissipation

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