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    Digital circuit design

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    Greater than 9 detector
    1) Design a circuit whose output will be high if the 4-bit data input is a value greater than 9.
    It only needs to be a simple circuit using basic gates. Also need truth table.
    2) Alarm circuit design an alarm circuit to be used in a process control system. Temp (T), Presure (P), Flow (F), and Level (L) of fluid are each monitored by separate sensors circuits that produce a high logic output signal when the following indicated physical conditions exist.

    High fluid temp
    high fluid pressure
    low fluid flow rate
    low fluid level

    The alarm circuit output (A) should be high if any of the following physical conditions exist in the system.

    (1) The pressure is high when the flow is low
    (2) the temp is high when either the pressure is high or the the level is low.
    List the truth table in the order of T P F L. Be sure to identify the corect physical condition for the alarm in the logic truth table.

    3)Multiplier circuit
    Design a multiplier circuit that will output the product of any 2 bit number (0 through 3) times a multiplier of 0, 1, or 2. Note that we "don't care" about the result if the multiplier is equal to 3.

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