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    Electrical Circuit Course

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    Design a Circuit diagram and design calculations for part A:

    A) Design a voltage-divider circuit for a 15-V regulated power supply. The circuit must feed a 3-mA load at 9-V. Draw a circuit diagram showing the values of all components and the significant voltages and currents throughout the circuit. Your circuit should include an SPST switch for turning power to the circuit on and off. Present your design in a neat organized report, listing all component required, show all calculations leading to your design components.

    ? Calculate the values of the resistors that are to be used in the circuit.
    ? Consider the 9-V voltage drop in the circuit and the circuit must feed a 3-mA load.

    Following diagram can be used as a reference to solve the design diagram:

    (See attached file for full problem description)

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    Since R3 and R1 are connected in parallel, the voltage drop on each of these resistors is the ...

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