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    Impact of transistors

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    Describe the impact of increasingly small transistors on American culture. Include the positive and negative implications that this discovery/breakthrough may have on your everyday life. Relate the discovery/breakthrough to the notions of formal science, the history of science, scientific communities, popular science, science fiction and/or nanotechnology.

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    There is a ton of research on transistors and their impact on society. http://computer.howstuffworks.com/small-cpu.htm is a good starting point to understand Moore's Law and how transistors have moved towards microchips. Feel free to ask your librarian to help with information on how transistors have impacted American culture. A Boolean search of Transistors and America in the eJournal Research Port of your library home page will index a ton of articles.

    Nova did an episode in January 2011, ...

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    This solution discusses the impact of transistors on American culture from many different perspectives, including its positive and negative consequences and its impact on everyday life.