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Transformative technologies discussed

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Transforming technologies:

Mechanical Advantage, The Economist July 16, 2011
Beam it up, The Economist March 10, 2011
Look into my eyes, The Economist June 2, 2011

Which one of these articles did you find most intriguing and why?

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Transforming Technologies:

Technologies are made to undertake specific functions. Through the technologies a method of placing together equipments and tools to bring into creation a craft that will solve a certain problem occurs. The world is changing as each micro- second passes by. Technologies are being evolved from one generation to the next. All these new creations aim at performing a certain task. Transforming technologies are now emerging as man aims to create technologies that will solve the problems that are experienced in the day-to-day activities of life (Transforming Technologies, 2008).

Going through the three articles I found the 'Mechanical Advantage' article to be the most intriguing. As much as the transforming technology is unique in its own way, the fact that it is changing the operations of the computer is what marvels me. The computers are essential machines that have revolutionized the world. Any technology that is geared ...

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Transformative technologies are examined and explained briefly.