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    Transformative Learning Theory

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    The final research paper should identify, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate an Adult Education theory. The research paper must include the origins of the theory you have chosen, the theorists and history of development, and show how others in the field have questioned it, adjusted it, and how it has changed over time.

    Transformative Learning Theory by Mezirow is the Theory I have Chosen.

    Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

    APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA 5th edition style and formatting guidelines. Refer to APA Style and Formatting for more information.

    Number of references: A minimum of 5 references is required.

    Length of paper: 20 typed, double-spaced pages (including title page and references).

    I need help in getting started and organizing the paper.

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    Here is how I would organize this paper. I have started portions of the paper for you, written the introduction and wrote the reference page for you. I have also given you more references in the body of the paper and direction on where to look for more information. This paper is in APA style as far as citations go and references. Be sure to use double spacing and 1" margins as well as 12 point font throughout. A great resource to help build citations and reference listings is www.citationmachine.net I hope this helps you with your paper. Thanks for allowing me to assist.

    Page 1: Title page

    Page 2: Executive Summary/Abstract

    Page 3-18:

    Transformative learning theory is a fascinating theory in which adults are said to learn through "deep learning". For a time, most higher level education was focused on transactional learning in which students memorized facts and figures and took multiple choice exams. In transformational learning theory we see a focus on real life application and the impact of the information on the individual student. According to Patricia Cranton author of the website "Transformative Learning Theory" It looks at what mechanisms are required for adults to identify, assess and evaluate alternative sources of information" and then incorporates these mechanisms into the lesson plans in the classroom (2009).

    The theorist behind the theory

    (In this section give some information about Mezirow and when he began to discuss transformative learning).

    The Learning Process of ...