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Experiential Learning in Washington D.C.

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Read the referenced study. Describe the test and scale used, including the populations, the reliability and validity of each test, and whether the test and scale could be applied to another population.

Holtzman, Richard. "Experiential Learning in Washington, D.C.: A Study of Student Motivations and Expectations." Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal. June 2011.

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This solution provides a literature review of a study on stuent motivations and expectations

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Qualitative methodology was selected to study this topic as one that needs to be explored. To adequately inform what the students may experience, a Grounded theory approach may be appropriate. Creswell (1998) contends that qualitative studies are used because "variables cannot be easily identified" (pp. 17). The Grounded theory approach is an interactive (conducted in steps or components) process in which data gathering and analysis occurs simultaneously through a step-by-step process based on observation. This observation leads to an identification of specific patterns. Grounded theory is used to examine individual's interaction, engagements, personal perceptions, and mean-making within a particular process (Holloman, 2011), p. 5). Given that existing theories may not adequately inform what these students experience, a grounded theory ...

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