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Educational Research

Please see attached file - Kramarae, C. (2001). The third shift: Women learning online. Washington, D.C.: American Association of University Women Educational Foundation. (ED461348).

Provide a comprehensive overview of this educational research journal article (Attached file). Use the following criteria/questions to evaluate this educational research article:

1. What is the focus of this study?
2. Describe the research problem.
3. Is the methodology explained in a manner that allows the reader to understand the research process which is being applied? If so, describe the research methodology that was applied to examine the research problem. If not, explain why not.
4. Are the findings communicated in a clear manner? If so, explain the overall findings of this study. If not, explain why not.
5. Are the conclusions of the study appropriate or in line with the results of the study?
6. Does the author provide recommendations for future research? If so, what are they?

Please help me with these questions to make sure I am on the right track. Thank you.

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This solution provides an overview of the article by Kramarae, C. (2001), "The third shift: Women learning online" e.g. focus, research problem, methods, findings, conclusion and recommendations for future studies.