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Educational Action Research (EAR)

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Please explain Educational Action Research [EAR] and how it relates to the effectiveness of teachers.

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Educational Action Research [EAR] falls under the family of Action Research; a methodology allowing the researcher with a particular agenda to bring about a desired result by actually modifying the project as it unfolds. EAR can improve one's effectiveness as a teacher, inasmuch as it is designed to systematically examine one's educational practice, documenting actions, collecting data, analyzing data, and adapting to needs and change (Action Research Network, 2008). Educational Action Research in Ireland (2008) highlights the EAR Ph.D. theses projects of four teachers. Each study was designed and used as a tool to examine and enhance individual teaching practices.

A typical EAR study model will have a series of pre-test/post-test questionnaires. The first would be for ...

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