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SQL Operator Definitions

SQL is a language used to access and manipulate data that is stored in a database. Most DBMS use SQL to communicate with the underlying database. The DBMS interface allows for SQL commands to be used without the user having to actually know or even see these commands. However, it is important for database administrators and analysts to understand SQL since direct use of the language may be needed on occasion, such as troubleshooting.

Compose a short definition and provide one example for each of the following SQL operators: SELECT, INSERT INTO, UPDATE, and DELETE. (700 WORDS).

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The select statement is used to 'select' or choose data from a database. The result of the select operator is stored in a result table called the result set(1). The common SQL syntax for select is :
SELECT column name or names
FROM table name.

Example of the SELECT operator in SQL is
A 'Company' table:
C_Id Name City Address
1 MSCOLA Los Angeles Pheasant Ave 10
2. JOHNSON Los Angeles Cross Road 20
3. DOWEL NYC White Ave 24

The example of the operation of the SELECT statement is:
SELECT Name, Address FROM Company
The result will look like this:
Name Address
MSCOLA Pheasant Ave 10
JOHNSON Cross Road 20
DOWEL White Ave 24

The SQL select operator is used to retrieve data from a table in a database. The query may get information from either all the columns in a table or specified columns in a table. To make an SQL Select statement, it is necessary to specify the column name and the table name. SELECT in SQL is the most commonly used Data Manipulation Language operator. The SELECT operator in SQL has many optional clauses such as where, group by, having, and order by.

The SQL insert into statement is used to insert a new row in a ...

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