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    Workplace diversity

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    Chose any peer reviewed article on "Diversity in the workplace," and write an abstract on the article. Include the following information:
    • Summary of the viewpoints in the article (4-5 sentences).
    • Summary of the article's arguments regarding workplace inclusive theories (4-5 sentences).
    • Summary of the conclusions or recommendations in the article (4-5 sentences).
    • Your critique: Do you believe the conclusions or recommendations of the article are reasonable? (4-5 sentences).

    Please use APA format with in-text citation and reference. It must be at least 300 words.

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    I have included some ideas. You can see the information in the article and choose what you feel is the most important to complete the assignment. If you have any further questions, please ask.

    Summary of the viewpoints in the article (4-5 sentences).

    The article seeks to explain why minority candidates for jobs within the EU have less success that others. The study uses a model that helps to identify if ways of communicating and actual communication differences can lead to employers being unable to tell if the candidates for jobs are able to perform the jobs. It also seems to be concerned if discrimination is really the problem. They focus on if the employers hire selectively (if post interview, the idea that a candidate can perform the job exceeds the expectations prior to the interview) how the minority candidates fair. The model has two characteristics, ...

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