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    Summary of wrist brace/shoulder muscle study

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    Please reword in own words if paraphrased, include reference in paragraphs and in-text citation, and please provide reference list. Please in APA format.

    Thank you your help is greatly needed!

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    I will format according to APA 5th edition. The new 6th edition has been out for some months, and some schools are already using it. Please check, if you are using the 6th edition, that this solution complies with those standards.

    To summarize an article, pre-read it briefly, focusing on main headings, and skim for content. Get the general idea of the article, who is the intended audience, and make a preliminary judgment whether of not it is a scholarly source.

    Next, re-read the article, making notes or highlighting main ideas, and important details. Note things that you disagree or particularly agree with, or parts that especially interested you - these help put your own voice and personality into the review.

    Then, put the article aside, and write a rough draft of your summary. Putting the article aside helps insure that you do not plagerize, or copy parts of the article, and helps you put the information you have read into your own words.

    Lastly, proofread your summary rough draft - check for content first (introduction, body with one idea discussed in each paragraph, and conclusion) and then check to catch and correct small errors: word choice, spelling, grammar, citation formatting protocol, etc. Sometimes reading it backwards will better help catch ...

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    Summary of a research study article reporting on shoulder muscle strain reported by patients wearing a wrist brace.