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Statistical analysis- observational study

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Go to the Internet and locate a journal article that describes an observational study. Explain how it was done using the terminology in Chapter 5 of the Seeing Through Statistics, 3rd Edition textbook and whether you agree with the conclusions drawn by the author(s) of the article.


Hello! My son did a science experiment for school in fourth grade. He wanted to see what type of plant lived the longest in the dark. His hypothesis said that a fern would live the longest, based on his research. He tested two ferns, two St. Augustine grasses, two marigolds, and two parsley plants. His hypothesis was correct. He observed the plants for two weeks and wrote down descriptions of them (alive, green, healthy, dead, brown, and wilting). He won second place in biological for his grade!

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This observational study was done in London and was observing the number of people complying with a new law about using mobile phones while driving compared to wearing seat belts. The government had just passed a new law creating penalties for drivers who use a mobile phone while driving. The researchers based their theory on the Peltzman "risk compensation" theory. This theory is "whereby drivers make a trade-off ...

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Observational study for statistical analysis is examined.

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