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    Using Location Analysis to Perform a Study

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    I need some help getting started with the following:

    - Using the concept of Location Analysis, find an article that focuses on this concept at Logistics World: Logistics World (http://www.logisticsworld.com)
    - Explain how and why this concept is used and how it is necessary for this company to succeed.

    Thank you!

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    For this paper, I have chosen to focus on Location Analysis and to perform a study of Kerry Logistics, found at:


    Location analysis is a very important concept used by a vast number of organizations, particularly as a preliminary study of an area or location. It provides organizations with an assessment of the viability and feasibility of a particular location in relation to their intended operations. The location analysis takes into consideration the physical attributes of the area, its legal and logistical characteristics, and the potential for infrastructure based on the surrounding environment. It is important to note that a location cannot be separated from the surrounding environment, as it is part of its life cycle. ...

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    The expert uses location analysis to perform a study. The concepts to find an article that focuses on a concepts is determined.