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Characteristics of a Good Leader

Learning about leadership in organizations. Based on my limited experience in the workforce, I have several questions about leadership and change implementation. Below are a few of the questions at this time. This will allow me to better understand.

What makes a great leader and what are the qualities needed?

How does a leader know when he/she needs to change their style when running an organization/department?

How does a leader know when to implement changes to meet the organizational goals and make it more efficient? For example, updating technology and its programs while keeping up with the current trends. Would this be a management issue and/or leadership?

I appreciate any consideration.

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A great leader must have following qualities. He must have good communication skills so that his followers can easily understand what he wants to convey. He must be confident, honest, committed and creative person.He must have positive attitude and ability to inspire others. He must be adaptive and open- minded person. He must have skills to recognize the abilities and talents of other people and accordingly delegate the work to them.

A good leader through their experience and ...

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This solution of 307 words looks at how a good leader adapts to the changing environment with workplace examples.