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Leader Traits, Key Practices and Characteristics

Answer the following questions:

What practices and characteristics are important for fit leaders?
Which key practices are you committing to pursue in your life?
What are some potential barriers to maintaining these practices? How will you overcome them?

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//A leader must possess certain characteristics to become an effective leader. Some of the leaders have naturally in born leadership characteristics in them while others develop such characteristics in them. The following series discusses about the practices and characteristics that should be possessed by a leader//.

Honesty with integrity is the first thing that should be there in a leader to become an effective one. The members of the group will follow a leader only when they have trust on the leader and that could be gained if the leader lives his life with honesty and integrity. Further, the leader should have passion and dedication towards the accomplishment of group objective. He should have the capability to convince and motivate his followers in the accomplishment of group objective. One of the another important characteristics that should be possessed by a good leader is that he should be confident enough while performing activities for achieving group objectives (McKenna, 2000). ...

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