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    Organizational Leadership Traits

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    1. Think about any two leaders you have known, preferably one good and one weak. They can be businesspersons, coaches, someone you work(Ed) with, and so forth. Make a list of five traits, practices, or characteristics that cause you to consider one good and the other weak. Compare the things you chose with the seven factors used to differentiate effective organizational leadership in the first half of this chapter.

    2. What key thing is Alan Mulally doing at Ford as an organizational leader to shape Ford's organizational culture? Do you think he will succeed?

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    I hope you will be able to elaborate some on the two leaders I selected or at the very least it will give you an idea as to what the question is asking about. There is a wealth of great information on line on all three people I have talked about. But enough of my prattling and on to my responses to these two questions:

    1. A great leader that comes to mind when thinking of the seven factors used to differentiate effective organizational leadership would have to be Bill Gates. He was the personification of all of these things: vision, performance, principles, and education of subordinates, perseverance, passion, and leader ...

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    This solution will explore seven factors that differentiate leadership. You will find examples of a good leader and a poor leader. The solution will also delve into the leadership at Ford Motor Corporation.