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    Peter Loscher Leadership Analysis

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    With regard to the article, "How Siemens Got Its Mojo Back", featured in Bloomberg Businessweek on January 27, 2011, found at this link,
    I have some questions and could use some help and references to the article and others to support ideas for me to elaborate on further for a project.

    1) What would Peter Loscher's personal leadership style be characterized as? What information supports this?

    2) What kinds of power does Loscher possess, according to this article?

    3) What traits is he likely to be high on?

    4) In what ways has Loscher engaged in transformational leadership at Siemens?

    5) How did Loscher succeed in getting Siemens' mojo back, with regard to specifics?

    6) Was anyone else responsible for the turnaround as well, or mainly Loscher?

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    1) Peter Loscher's personal leadership style can be characterized as a dichotomy of the authoritarian leadership style and the Democratic leadership style. This is due to the fact that he took total control in eliminating unproductive businesses within the organization, and focusing organizational efforts in areas with higher probabilities of producing profitability and growth. He utilized aspects of the Democratic leadership style, due to the fact that he delegated divisional leaders to be responsible for the decisions and performance of their areas of operations.

    2) Loscher possesses legitimate power, due to his obvious position as CEO of the organization, and he also possesses ...

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