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Strategic Management of Human Assets - Determining Leadership Style

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- Select a company of your choice and study the company's CEO and determine his/her leadership style.
- Explain the type of leadership style the CEO possesses and its effectiveness.
- Prepare a consultative memo to the CEO by providing areas for improvement in his/her leadership style, relative to human asset and strategic planning

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Here is an outline and information to help you begin:

Company: Zappos (Zappos.com was founded in 1999 for online shoes.)
It also deals in handbags, clothing, and many other items.
Take a look out on the website to gain the concept of the products sold.
CEO - Tony Hsieh
Main Goal of his Leadership Style: "to deliver happiness in a box" (Zappos, 2011)
Zappos. (2011). Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Retrieved from http://about.zappos.com/press

Tony Hsieh leadership style is to extend himself to the public. He treats them as he would want to be treated. Although he is outgoing and friendly, he demands a certain kind of employee to work for Zappos. He expects the applicant to be able to agree to the Zappos' 10 Core Values:
1) Deliver "WOW" through service.
2) Embrace and drive change.
3) Create fun and a little weirdness
4) Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded.
5) Pursue growth and learning.
6) Build open and honest relationships with communication.
7) Build a positive team and family spirit.
8) Do more with less.
9) Be passionate and determined.
10) Be ...

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The types of leadership styles in CEO possesses and its effectiveness is determined. The expert prepares a consultative memo to the CEO by providing areas for improvement in the leadership styles.

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