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Strategic Management and Enterprise Performance

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Please discuss the role of the strategic management process in determining overall enterprise performance?

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The strategic management process helps to determine the overall enterprise performance by ensuring that there are specific objectives that are focused upon for the ...

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Business: Strategic Management Problems

1) What role does culture play in shaping enterprise performance? How do leaders build effective cultures? How do values and shared vision and beliefs help drive enterprise culture and performance?

2) Developing effective implementation strategies is essential to achieving stated goals and objectives. How does linking short-term objectives to strategies and functional tactics help shape implementation plans? What is the role of policy development in framing enterprise performance?

3) How is the balanced scorecard approach to strategic controls different from previous approaches? How does this help an organization in creating and implementing change?

4) Innovation is seen as a main component of developing competitive advantage in today's hyper-competitive environment. How is innovation developed and used to enhance enterprise performance? What factors help shape innovation strategies? How is innovation used as a tool by entrepreneurs?

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