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Business: Strategic Management Problems

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1) What role does culture play in shaping enterprise performance? How do leaders build effective cultures? How do values and shared vision and beliefs help drive enterprise culture and performance?

2) Developing effective implementation strategies is essential to achieving stated goals and objectives. How does linking short-term objectives to strategies and functional tactics help shape implementation plans? What is the role of policy development in framing enterprise performance?

3) How is the balanced scorecard approach to strategic controls different from previous approaches? How does this help an organization in creating and implementing change?

4) Innovation is seen as a main component of developing competitive advantage in today's hyper-competitive environment. How is innovation developed and used to enhance enterprise performance? What factors help shape innovation strategies? How is innovation used as a tool by entrepreneurs?

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1) What role does culture play in shaping enterprise performance? How do leaders build effective cultures? How do values and shared vision and beliefs help drive enterprise culture and performance?

When we talk about enterprise performance, we are generally dealing with an international company. Enterprise performance monitors performance across the industry, in all markets where the company operates. Companies that have strong enterprise performance departments generally dominate market share. These are the industry leaders, and management in these companies has devised strategies for remaining on top. When we bring culture into enterprise performance, we can see how the culture would be an asset or a liability in this area. A company must live by the internal and external cultural factors, as dictated by the country where the company is located. A U.S. company is bound by the FCPA and assuming the company is publicly traded, must adhere to ethical standards as set forth by various regulatory bodies, like the SEC and PCAOB. This enables the company to also set a strong internal culture, which is demonstrated through the tone at the top.

The culture then adds to the way that management strategically plans and handles the main components of enterprise performance. Management only deals ethically and legally in all facets of the supply chain, in their finances, and in regards to strategy. This allows management to dominate market share. All components are directly related.

Leaders build effective cultures by their actions, strategies, and solid corporate governance. A strong internal culture comes ...

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