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    Team Problems and Strategic Decision Making

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    What types of learning team problems have you encoutered from previous experiences and how did you resolve them?

    Why is it important to anticipate problems rather than wait for them to arise?

    How does this relate to study the topic of strategic decision making?

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    //The given discussion is based on the concept of 'Strategic Decision Making'. In this concern, in the first section of the discussion paper, the meaning and concept of the team and strategic decision making is made clear by detailed discussion.//


    Team is defined as a group of persons who are involved together for the purpose of achieving common goals and objectives, and holds themselves equally responsible for the outcome. Teams are formed not only for working on a common issue, but also improves the learning as more persons engage themselves in thinking, writing, talking and arguing regarding the matter and by this, they will gain more knowledge. Team learning helps in increasing the power of learning and will ensure that more and more solutions will be emerged for solving the problems or achieving the targets relating to business. If any problem arises in the business, then it is not the leader who find out the solutions, but the team members who through the concept of team learning identify the key problems and utilize their resources to solve them (McCann, 2008).

    //In the further section of the discussion paper, the main important problems faced by the team is discussed in detail. With the identification of the major problems with the team, the effective ways to resolve the problems can be identified in an effective manner.//

    Team problems

    While working in a team, many problems arise. It may be related to the work or some personal clashes or may be due to management issues. The most common problem which I encountered is one which arises due to the difference in thinking patterns of the members. Every person has its own ideas, insights and perceptions towards the work and the way he utilizes his knowledge in solving the problem. Though different ideas provided by different people help in solving problems in ...

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