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Based upon your work history, define and describe a leader

Based upon your work history, do you have a definition of a leader and a description of a leader? Does this agree with what you have read so far in Northouse?

The book used is:

LEADERSHIP - THEORY AND PRACTICE, 5TH Edition by Peter G. Northouse

The use of articles and/or journals will be greatly appreciated.


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Definition and Description of a Leader

Peter G. Northouse is a visionary who has written many books on Leadership. He conveys the idea of leadership as not coming easy and enforces the idea that communication is at the heart of being a great leader. Based on work history, my definition of a leader is someone who can truly listen, absorb, and reorganize thoughts and ideas. To give you a true example of an exemplary leader, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, is all that! He states that "the whole goal of Zappos is to deliver happiness in a box (Zappos, 2011)." As the leader, Tony Hsieh has set the standard of core values for his employees, and has lead the way how to act, work, and live. The skill of Tony is to unleash what people already have.

A leader ...

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The expert defines and describes a leader based on history.