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Christian Beliefs and Ethics

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- Laissez-Faire leaders avoid influence and cause subordinates to act alone without leadership. In contrast, Active delegative leaders empower subordinates to work.
- In Exodus 18, Jethro counsels Moses about share the weight of his responsibility.
- Can Peter's admonishment of church leaders to be examples rather than telling others how to behave, be an example against delegation? 1 Peter 5:2-3 I believe he was saying that we should show others how to lead and not just to tell them. You can delegate and still be a leader.
- How does a leader get the followers to see that they are active management by exception and not Laissez-Faire?

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This solution discsses Christian beliefs and ethics in the context of leadership roles

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(a) In Exodus 18, Jethro counsels Moses about share the weight of his responsibility.

One commentator writes of Jethro's counsel to Moses is that is that Moses is busy and has no time for family. Jethro tells him what he is doing is not good. He is not only neglecting his family, but he is facing burnout from all the work he is trying to accomplish. Here, as the commentator points, Jethro is teaching Moses how to delegate work to others. A leader does have to always be the one who is in charge. Jethro is telling Moses he does not have to do all, hedelegate some work to others. The purpose of leadership is to mentor and teach others how to lead. In this way, a leader is a servant, because he or she must invest in others. It is not about the self (peacecrc.org). In addition, leadership is about developing leaders to carry out the mission of God's word. However, Moses needed to be taught how to train others how to be ...

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