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Fundraising and Religious Traditions

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Describe how fundraising today has evolved from religious traditions. Select any faith and explain the relationship between what is taught in that faith tradition about charity and whether it is consistent with fundraising in the United States today. Thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.

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Competition for funding among non-profit organizations has increased in its intensity. Many non-profit organizations are after the same pool of money and find it difficult to get a sustained level of giving among donors. Faith-based organizations, also known as FBOs, have an advantage in their fundraising. These organizations align their religious message with religious communities which have been deemed as reliable donors. If the religious donor bases are convinced, these donors are often loyal and will generously support the religious organizations through scheduled giving. Different religions face different challenges based on their perception. According to a study by the Graduate Institute of International and Developmental Studies, events that precipitated from the terrorist's attacks on the World Trade Center have impacted Christian and Muslim charitable organizations. Muslin faith based organizations such as Islamic Relief World Wide has found it challenging to raise money ...

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This solution discusses the relationship between faith and fundraising. It analyzes how non-profit organization can pattern their message in a similar manner as faith-based organizations. 586 words with references.