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    Counselors Encountering Controversial Issues

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    What does a counselor do when he or she encounters a controversial issue that goes against his or her ethics and values? Should he or she ignore those ethics? Or should he or she refer the client to another therapist?

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    For a therapist, it is important to leave preconceived notions and values at the door when with a client as much as possible.

    Although you can find ethics for counselors online, I will be using my ethics textbook, under the ACA ethical guidelines. You will be able to find the same ethics online by simply typing in the code.

    Code A.4.b. states that counselors are aware of their own values and should avoid imposing them on the client. Counselors should respect the diversity of clients, ...

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    Every therapist has their own ethics and values and they will encounter clients whose issues conflict with those values. This solution discusses, in 331 words, what a therapist should do when they encounter a controversial that goes against their values. This solution offers suggestions on how to deal with these encounters.