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Value Neutrality

I need help with a writing assignment and I just don't know how to get started:

How do I explain the ethical implications of a counselor expressing their values to a client. How do I identify the options available to a counselor who is confronted with these issues. Identify factors that might lead a counselor to consider referring a client with any controversial issues to another counselor. Describe what a counselor should do if a referral were not an option.

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You are asking for assistance in explaining the ethics of counselors expressing their values as well as identifying options that a counselor has when confronted with issues he or she is confronted with and what factors might lead the therapist to refer his or her client to another therapist.

As a therapist, it is important that you leave your preconceived notions and values at the door when with a client as much as possible. Although you can find ethics for counselors online, I will be using my ethics textbook. You will be able to find the same ethics online by simply typing in the code.

Since I am not sure which program you ...

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The ethical implications of a counselor expressing their values to a client are provided. The controversial issues to another counselor are determined.