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    United States Neutrality in WWI

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    Although the United States officially adopted a policy of neutrality at the beginning of World War I, there was considerable pressure on the government to alter that stance. What were the key sources of that pressure?

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    The definition for neutrality has varied over the history of the United States especially when neutrality was integrated into certain policies over time.

    With respect to WWI, the United States President, Woodrow Wilson, declared U.S. neutrality in August 1914. It has been documented that Wilson's policies regarding the sales of munitions, the credits to belligerents (as in a nation or person engaged in war or conflict), and permitting travel on belligerent ships, favoured Britain over Germany, at the same time restricting German submarine warfare.

    When the British violated U.S. neutral rights, on the other hand, President Wilson did not take similar action in the areas of illegal seizure of food, cotton, and other ...

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