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Cash-and-Carry to Lend-Lease: the end of WW2 neutrality?

Why do you think the switch from the "cash-and-carry" to the "lend-lease" system for providing supplies to other countries represented a retreat from isolationism and neutrality on the part of the United States?

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You might want to start with the background of the 'Cash-and-Carry' policy, which was a modification of the Neutrality Act of 1935 which FDR requested in September of 1939. This link is a good jump-off point:


and this link ...

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This solution examines the change in pre World War 2 US policy from the so-called "Cash-and-Carry" system to the "Lend-Lease" system, and the ramifications of that policy shift with respect to US neutrality and isolationism. With many links to historical data, especially to FDR's "garden hose" press conference, the solution provides a clear picture of what the "Lend-Lease" system meant to isolationism and neutrality for the United States.